Brain Tumor Update

Hello my book friends!

After visiting with three neurosurgeons and getting another MRI, I am scheduled for surgery. My surgery will be on August 11th. My surgeon will remove as much of the brain tumor as he can. Down the road I might have some treatments like chemo or radiation. We won’t know until after the tumor is out and tested. It’s been causing some problems and really is just too big to wait any longer.

I feel at peace about it. I know that things will work out as the Lord sees fit. I have an amazing neurosurgeon and hospital team. I will be in good hands.

I have a lot of little things to get done this next week, mostly involving my 4 young boys. My oldest will turn 8 shortly after surgery so we want to have a little family party before then. School starts a week after surgery with my 2nd son starting kindergarten. Lots of fun things coming up to distract me from the thoughts of my scull being cut open. That makes me shiver a little.

My writing is at a good place! I sent query letters to a few literary agents and publishers last week. My manuscript is complete, and I look forward to having it published some day. I really hope that “some day” will be by the fall of 2015. We’ll see!

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. While you’re praying, please pray for my husband Colt and my boys. They could use it for the next month.



15 thoughts on “Brain Tumor Update”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m feeling pretty good. It’s been 2 weeks since my surgery so I still have another 2 weeks to recover. I’m having some trouble remembering words for everything, but I can read which makes me so happy. 🙂


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been in my prayers, especially this past week, and I hope you’re recovering well!


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