Brain Tumor: Hair growing!


Brain Tumor Life Update:

I love my spot of bald hair! It represents what I’ve been through!

Today marks the 1st time I’ve had enough hair to pull back like a ponytail since Oct 2014! Yes, I added hair clips, but I’m still cheering. It’s not that I think I look bad with short hair. I just feel that with every length of hair that grows back to the 2014 me brings me closer to as normal of a life that I will ever have. I don’t want to go completely back to the 2014 me. I have grown closer to God and have learned to love everyone around me more.

I give the award of bravery to anyone else going through a cancer. I had brain surgery then radiation that took half the hair off my head. Last I had 12 rounds of chemo pills. Surgery in Aug 2014 then finished chemo Sept 2015! It was a wild ride. Those of you going through cancer please feel free to cry hard when you need to. Through treatments I had my amazing husband to talk to plus family and friends. And especially I had my God to speak to through prayer. He listened and understood what I was going through. He loves all of us. God wants to comfort us so just be willing to talk to Him. If you have questions about how to become closer to God your Heavenly Father and you Savior Jesus Christ, please ask me. The gospel in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has brought be closer to my Savior than I ever thought was possible.

Be STRONG! Be POSITIVE! And know that you will see God sooner or later so take yourself close to Him. Pray for your loved ones. They are hurting emotionally and might be more worried for you than you are.


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