April Birthday and Brain Tumor

I have been much better at posting on my public instagram than my blog! instagram.com/katcoopwrites I’m going to catch up and try to do better. Back on April 5th I had a birthday! This is what an author wears to celebrate her birthday. The shirt she had made for Halloween to dress like her main character!

Brain Tumer: Celebrate Life Day!
April 6, 2014 was day 1 of my life changing. You can read details on past brain tumor posts on my website. Links under Bio
After gaining back my ability to read and remember words I went back to editing my book. Writing wasn’t just a hobby, it was my escape. I loved taking time away from the stress of not remembering names, words, and having dream seizures. WRITING gave me the feeling of accomplishment!
Find your strength! That’s what I write on bookmarks I sign. Go take pictures, fish, paint, cook, write! Everyone needs a hobby/ escape.

I still need 100 more ebooks to sell before it can become a paperback. If you love teen fiction you will love Aspen Everlasting by Kathryn Cooper. Find it on Amazon, ibook, and more for $2.99!



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