Clean Teen Fiction

I decided to start this blog because when people find out I only read “clean” books (no language, sex, or drugs) they ask me for recommendations. I thought a blog would be an easy way for family, friends, and strangers to know what books I personally think are “clean” or not. I won’t read a book I know has inappropriate content, but sometimes you can’t tell a book by its cover. I’ll tell you when I find a book I had to stop reading, but mostly I’ll focus and the books that are so great and make me happy. Share this blog with other reading friends, become a follower, and recommend your favorite CLEAN TEEN FICTION!

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Clean Teen Fiction”

  1. My daughter reads nonstop. I worry about books labeled “teen” because I don't alway agree, I cannot read everything before she does. I will check back often to see what's new.


  2. I'm SUPER excited about this blog! I'd love clean recommendations! I put down so many books for language and inappropriateness. This is a wonderful idea!


  3. I love the idea Kathryn! I just started reading the Chronicles of Narnia series since the new movie came out on DVD and they are such a fun and easy read! I'll definitely be checking this out for new books. I never have time to just go browse like in the old days when I had no babies 🙂 Good Idea!


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