Labor Day Weekend Read-a-thon!

Katie’s Book Blog is hosting a Labor Day Weekend Read-a-thon! I’m just supposed to set a goal to read more books than I normally would over a weekend. If I’m really into a book (especially a series) I can read 2 books over a 3 day weekend. So to push myself, I’d like to read 3 or 4 this weekend. With 3 young children to take care of (and my garage to tackle!) we’ll see how it goes.

If while I’m reading I feel any of these books are not ‘clean’ enough to post on my blog I’ll stop reading it and move on to the next on my list.

These are the books I got from the library to choose from for the weekend:

Waterfallby Lisa T. Bergren
Luckyby Rachel Vail
Brilliantby Rachel Vail
Gorgeousby Rachel Vail
The Maze Runnerby James Dashner
The Iron Kingby Julie Kagawa
Shiverby Maggie Stiefvater

I will definitely not finish all of these over the weekend, but I hope to finish a few. I started Waterfall yesterday afternoon. So far it is great! I’m loving it! Look for the review of these books soon.

Happy Read-a-Thon!


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