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Flashback Friday: Emily and the Scot

Flashback Friday is a weekly post where I review a book I love but haven’t read recently.

Title: Emily and the Scot
Author: Kathryn Smith
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: November 2002
Pages: 273
Series: An Avon True Romance

At eighteen, Lady Emily Fitzgerald has seen her fair share of scandal. So when this Season’s prime catch proposes to her on a wager, she makes a decision. Rather than face the whispers and stares of London society yet again, she picks up and departs for Scotland, full of romantic images evoked by poetry and her own imagination.

The Scot
Cousin to the laird, Jamie MacLaughlin is nonetheless a simple man, content with the honest pursuit of living in the bonny wilds of the Scottish Highlands. A simple man he may be, but one with deep emotions and a quick temper. So when an impertinent English lass crosses his path, it’s no surprise that the two engage in sparring matches with words as their weapons.

First there’s a misunderstanding over an item of luggage. Then there’s an indecent swimming incident, followed by a muddy pigsty mishap. But what finally threatens to undo them both is a sudden—and unexpectedly delicious—kiss.

My Thoughts:
This is a book I can read over and over again. Emily and Jamie get off on the wrong foot after a misunderstanding. All they can do is argue and fight, but you can see their interest for each other building. I love how the story is told from both Jamie and Emily’s perspectives. Just when you’re wondering what the other person is thinking it changes to their point of view.

If you want to read a wonderfully romantic (and ‘clean’) book set in beautiful Scotland pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Line:
     “Determined to stop staring at his chest, Emily raised her gaze.
     This was too much. He was just a man, for heaven’s sake! She’d met young men who were handsomer, richer–and certainly better dressed–in London. There was no reason for her strange reaction to this one. He was gruff and mocking and rude and completely unlikable.
     Her gaze locked with his. Those startling eyes of his had the crystal clarity of an aquamarine, and they bore into hers as though daring her to judge him, to condemn him. It occurred to Emily then that she unsettled him just as much as he unsettled her.
     The realization pleased her more than was proper.”

Happy Reading!


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