Book Review, wolves boys and other things that might kill me

Book Review: Wolves, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me

Title: Wolves, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me
Author: Kristen Chandler
Publisher: Viking
Release Date: May 13, 2010
Pages: 371
Series: none
3 STARS: I Liked It

It’s K.J.’s junior year in the small town of West End, Montana, and whether she likes it or not, things are different this year. Over the summer, she turned from the blah daughter of a hunting and fishing guide into a noticeably cuter version of the outdoor loner. Normally, K.J. wouldn’t care less, but then she meets Virgil, whose mom is studying the controversial wolf packs in nearby Yellowstone Park. And from the moment Virgil casts a glance at her from under his shaggy blond hair, K.J. is uncharacteristically smitten. Soon, both K.J. and Virgil are spending a lot of their time watching the wolves (and each other), and K.J. begins to see herself and her town in a whole new light.

My Thoughts:
This cover is actually for the paperback. I like it more than the hardcover. I love the mountains and lake. Makes me kind of cold just looking at it.

There are at least 2 reasons why I decide I like a book. 1) I love the main character. Whether the storyline is interesting or not I want to find out more about this character’s life. 2) I love the storyline. Either it’s action packed or a great romance or even a hint of a brewing romance.
Sometimes a book has both or just one or the other that’s working for me.

For me this book had #1. I loved the main character KJ from the very first page. I’m not anything like KJ, but Kristen Chandler’s voice for KJ just pulled me in. KJ is funny! I really like “humor breaks” in a book, especially when it surprises me and makes me laugh out loud. KJ is somewhat confused about herself. She doesn’t seem to know what she can accomplish. The part of her I related with the most is that she blushes easily which I think I do too. Poor girl, high school can be rough sometimes.

I liked the small town feeling of this book. I liked the outdoorsy stuff too. My husband’s a big time fisherman so I understood some of the fisherman talk. This book makes me want to go to Yellowstone and see all the beauty and wildlife.

What I didn’t like was when KJ was too hard on herself. I know it was showing a character flaw, but it was a little frustrating. I’m not really familiar with small town dynamics, but it felt like some events went from a little thing then unrealistically spiraled out of control to a big mess of a problem.

Overall, an entertaining read that I enjoyed.

Favorite Line:
On Page 39: This is Mrs. Brady talking also called Mrs. Baby in KJ’s mind since she’s always pregnant.

“‘What about something like ‘Wolf Notes’? That sounds nice and neutral.’ If Mrs. Baby looked any more pleased with this idea she’d go into premature labor.”

Maybe since I’ve had 3 kids I find pregnancy humor hilarious.

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to see more details
Sexual Content: mild ( some kissing, some thoughts )
Language: mild/moderate- a few h***, a few a**, 1 s***
Violence: mild ( not too detailed wolf fights, other tense moments )

Happy Reading!


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