Book Review, Slayers

Book Review: Slayers

Title: Slayers
Author: C.J. Hill (pseudonym)
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Release Date: September 2011
Pages: 304
Series: Slayers #1

Dragons exist. They’re ferocious. And they’re smart: Before they were killed off by slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant, so their offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let alone believe it – these “Slayers” are descended from the original knights, and are now a diverse group of teens that includes Tori, a smart but spoiled senator’s daughter who didn’t sign up to save the world.
The dragon eggs have fallen into the wrong hands. The Slayers must work together to stop the eggs from hatching. They will fight; they will fall in love. But will they survive?

My Thoughts:
I loved this book! The author C.J. Hill is a pseudonym (pen name) for one of my favorite authors. I own 9 of her books! Obviously I’m a fan. My husband liked it too so it’s not just for girls. =)

Have you ever read a book where you wanted to read it slower so it wouldn’t end and you could stay in that fictional world forever? That’s how Slayers was for me. I wanted to go to dragon camp and be a Slayer. It’s been a few days, and I’m still daydreaming about being a dragon Slayer. These teenagers have some pretty awesome powers, but you’ll have to read and find out the specifics yourself.

Tori, the main character, is a Senator’s daughter. She wasn’t the typical girl you’d pick to save the world in her expensive clothes and stilettos. Which is what made the book and journey so fun. The majority of the book was from Tori’s perspective, but a few pages throughout were from other side characters. I liked those times where I could sneak into other characters’ thoughts.

CJ does a great job having a big group of characters that each stand out. There were 9 Slayers plus other side characters. I loved all the action and romance. Overall a wonderful read! I recommend it to everyone.

Happy Reading!

Content Ratings: highlight between the ( ) to see details
Sexual Content: mild ( kissing! )
Language: none
Violence: mild ( fight scenes, training, burns )


11 thoughts on “Book Review: Slayers”

  1. also I would like everyone's opinion on something that has been bugging me. is tori a slayer or dragon lord, there are multiple reasons that confuse me. at one point she says its like the dragon lord knew she should be able to fly as well as the fact she can here the dragon. there are others i just don't feel like listing them all..any thoughts


  2. i thought this book went rather well… it was a bit slow but in a way really flowed.from the first chapter to the last i was hooked. wondering if there's going to be another one. originally from the title and the description thought it was going to be more of a battle intense adventure book, which is normally my taste but i enjoyed it. definitely a book for guys or girls and i'm glad people enjoyed it as much as i did.


  3. I just finished this, and it was amazing. I'm going to buy it so I can read it when ever I want. Do you know if there will be a sequel, 'cause it didn't seem like it was over?


  4. I just got this from my library. Even though I am reading another book right now, I couldn't resist reading the first chapter and it has me hooked. I can't wait to finish it. But firist I have a whold bunch of others to read.


  5. I'm so glad you liked it! I'll definitely have to get it now. Since it can pass for boy readers, too, I have the excuse that I'm adding it to my boys' bookshelf. 🙂


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