Book Review, dangerous favor

Book Review: Dangerous Favor

Title: Dangerous Favor
Author: Joyce DiPastena
Publisher: Walnut Springs Press
Release Date: January 2012
Pages: 367
Series: none
4 STARS: I Really Liked It

Her father has been accused of stealing from the king, an allegation that has reduced her family to poverty. She has one chance to find and marry a man who can help her prove her father’s innocence. Lord Therri, heir to a rich barony, has the wealth and connections Mathilde needs to delve into the mysteries of her father’s past. Furthermore, Therri embodies all her romantic dreams.
Etienne, the younger son of a disgraced family, has neither wealth nor connections, but is smitten with Mathilde at a glance. She finds the knight intriguing, but believes he is only out to seduce her. While she seeks for a way to win Therri’s attention, Etienne tricks her into granting him her favor, an embroidered white ribbon, for a tournament, setting in motion a dangerous chain reaction of events. Can Etienne save Mathilde from a nightmare from her past and prove himself the true hero of her dreams?
My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book! There were a few slow parts for me, but I loved the characters so much that it didn’t bother me too much.

There are two main characters, Mathilde and Etienne, and the story was told from both perspectives. It was great to hear from both sides of the story. It helped me like them more. Mathilde was a little star struck with a handsome man, Lord Therri, when she first came to the tournament with her brother. She even referred to him as The Vision. Silly, silly girl. She drove me a little crazy thinking Lord Therri, aka The Vision, was the perfect man when she didn’t even know him. I liked Etienne all throughout the book. He seemed kind, loyal, and fun to be around.

I loved how the story was wrapped around the tradition of giving favors to knights. Women chose their champion knight before the tournaments and gave them something they had on them like a handkerchief or ribbon from their hair. To see all that entailed and the consequences that came was very entertaining.

This is a wonderful love story that might appeal more to older teens and adults since their ages are: Mathilde, 18, and Etienne, 24.  

Content Ratings:highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: mild/moderate ( suggestive remarks, almost raped, dialog, kissing )
Language: none
Violence: mild/moderate ( knights tournament fighting, blood, murder )

*I received a copy of this book from Walnut Springs Press. I do not get paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.*


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