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River of Time Teams!

Have you read The River of Time series by Lisa Bergren? If you haven’t, you need to! It’s my very favorite.
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Lisa posted the Team pictures on her blog.
Which Team are you? Team Marcello, Team Lord Greco, or Team Luca?

Marcello is the knight in shining armor. Always ready to defend his love and country. Honorable and Kind.

This quote, “Saints in heaven, I believe I’m in love,” is my favorite line in the entire series of books. He says this after the girl shoots some bad guys with her amazing archery skills. Hilarious. Luca is the comic relief in the first few books, but we see his more serious side in the lastest book, Bourne. He is an amazing fighter, always ready for action, and a fiercely loyal friend.

I joined Team Lord Greco in book three, Torrent. He is a mystery. The poor guy has some rough times, and it breaks my heart. He can be kind and loyal but also proud. He’s the bad boy of the group I guess.

Who’s your pick?


7 thoughts on “River of Time Teams!”

  1. This is seriously my all time favorite series. All the books are wonderful! She has another eBook novella coming out in June called Tributary so look out for that one. I can't think of another series that has all the action and romance and is still squeaky clean. Janette Rallison has wonderful teen romantic comedies. She also wrote one with more action under a different name: Slayers by C.J. Hill.


  2. I first learned of this series from a friend and truly fell in love with every book. I was pleasantly surprised that all the books were really good, not just the first. I actually think they got better! I purchased “Bourne” last night and finished this morning. I now “need” to know of another book that is just as enthralling as these? Any suggestions? I just love the clean, good romance plus all the action from the girls and the good guys! Wow! Maybe it is good I have read them so I can some decent sleep! 🙂


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