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Book Review: Catspell by Danyelle Leafty

Title: Catspell
Author: Danyelle Leafty
Publisher: Danyelle Leafty
Release Date: October 2011
Pages: eBook only
Series: The Fairy Godmother Dilemma #1
Source: author
4 Stars: I Really Liked It

A head cold can muddle the clearest of heads, and fairy godmothers are no exception.

Which is why Nerissa finds herself agreeing to help Breena, a Damsel in Distress, even though she’d rather wrangle a whole posse of evil stepmothers than accept the job. To her credit, Breena, would rather kiss a hundred toads than work with a fairy godmother.

After an ill-fated attempt to get out of their contract, Breena now has whiskers, claws, and a tail. Finding a suitable prince for a small, white cat isn’t going to be easy, but that’s the least of Nerissa’s problems. The person who gave Breena the “cat” potion isn’t going to stop until she’s destroyed everything Nerissa stands for as a fairy godmother.

If she wants to save Breena, Nerissa is going to have figure out where the fairy tale went wrong and how she can bring a Happily Ever After to the only girl she’s ever failed.

My Thoughts:
For some reason my expectations were a bit low for this book, but I ended up happily surprised to really like it! Maybe it was the cover. I just thought it would be too cheesy, but it’s not! In case you’re curious there’s no white haired girl in the book. The main character has long red hair (until she’s a white cat), and the fairy godmother is old with gray hair.

The story was told from 4 different characters. In other books changing from character to character can be annoying, but with this book it worked really well. The POV changes were predictable, which was nice (Each chapter changed to the next character in the same rotating order). Do you ever get annoyed when reading other books and the POV changes? You’re yelling, “Wait! No! Go back!” Well that didn’t happen for me in this book. The author did a phenomenal job transitioning from voice to voice. 

Breena was a great character to cheer for. She didn’t always make the best choices. She learned from mistakes, and I liked her better for them. There was a prince in the story too of course. I love stories with Princes! This was an entertaining, fun read. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good fairy tale. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: mild ( kissing )
Language: none
Violence: mild ( blood from knife wound, pain )

I received the book from Danyelle Leafty. Thank you! I am not paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.

Buy it!

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Reviewed by Kathryn Cooper
Creator of Clean Teen Fiction


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Catspell by Danyelle Leafty”

  1. This looks really cute. I pretty much like fairy tales…especially if they have a HEA ending. 🙂 I've enjoyed the fairy tale series by Kristine Grayson.
    I like your 'hidden' details on content. Nice idea.
    Hope your week has been good. Happy Reading!


  2. I feel like fairy tale books are everywhere lately! I read Kill Me Softly, and thought it would be cheesy as well, but was pleasantly surprised. Check it out if u want another dose of fairy tales anytime soon 🙂


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