ATBF 2012

Austin Teen Book Festival 2012 TBR list

There’s less than 2 months until the Austin Teen Book Festival!! I am so excited. My husband and I are going to head down there this year. There will be a ton of great YA authors and bloggers attending. There have been 32 authors announced so far! This will be epic. Are any of you planning to go?

Austin Teen Book Festival 2012- FREE
Saturday, September 29
Palmer Events Center
Austin, TX

Austin Teen Book Festival links:
author list on website
facebook page

At first I thought I’d read a book by each author, but now I know that will be impossible. So here’s the list of authors I do plan to read from before I go or have already read from and can’t wait to meet!

Anna Banks

Leigh Bardugo

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Rae Carson

Ally Carter

Rachel Cohn

Kresley Cole

Ally Condie

Gina Damico

Tracy Deebs

Kami Garcia

Jeff Hirsch

Tara Hudson

Sophie Jordan

Jessica Khoury

Dan Krokos

Marissa Meyer

Tamara Ireland Stone

Wow now that I see the list I’m thinking there’s no way I’ll read all these, BUT I’ll try. I’ll give myself another week or 2 to finish up some books for review then I’ll get started. Look forward to some of these books being reviewed.

Have any of you read these? Any book you think I HAVE to read first? The only ones I’ve read from this list are Ally Carter and Ally Condie’s series, Cinder, and Hereafter.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


6 thoughts on “Austin Teen Book Festival 2012 TBR list”

  1. Jessica- Thanks! I wish you could come down. I have 2 brothers living in Utah so I'll have to visit one of these days. Maybe next summer. Then I can meet all the wonderful Utah bloggers too!


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