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If you didn’t already know, I’m an aspiring author. I’m currently writing a young adult novel. My friend Kiera is also an aspiring author and started a writers’ blog recently, Aspiring Writers Unite. She said I can contribute a post whenever I want to talk about my writing. I put up my first post today talking about my writing progress and goals. If you want to read it click HERE. Any of you aspiring authors?

Have a wonderful weekend!! Yea it’s Friday!


2 thoughts on “Writing Blog”

  1. Hannah- You are so awesome! I'm going to read your book on goodreads. Yea! Thanks for letting me know. I'm excited. Yes, I will definitely use you as a critique. It would be so helpful to have an actual teen read my book. Once I'm done with my rough draft and can start editing the beginning I'll start sending a few chapters at a time around to some readers to give me input. Thanks!


  2. That's so cool Kathryn! I'm TOTALLY an aspiring Author. I've written two books (one of which you can find on goodreads HERE) and have many many more. If you ever want to talk/critique/writing let me know!


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