Book Review: Coren by Morgun Wolf and Heyden Redding

Title: Coren: Remnants of Betrayal
Author: Morgun Wolf & Heyden Redding
Publisher: Scott Dean Publishing Ltd
Release Date: January 2012
Series: Remnants of Betrayal #1
2.5 STARS: It Was OK

Ages have passed into time immemorial since the Ancient Ones displaced the Old Magic of the Dragons with their New Magic. But the New Magic fostered hatred and jealousy, with factions warring among themselves until they were lost to myth and legend – now nearly forgotten. And the New Magic faded.
But there was a time to come, a time for healing and renewal. And there were those chosen to protect the relics from generation to generation, until the time of prophecy should be fulfilled. 
Until the time of COREN.

My Thoughts:
This review is really late! I read this book weeks ago.

This book wasn’t for me, but let’s start with what I liked. The characters were interesting making me want to know what would happen to them. The overall plot also was great with action and suspense.

The problem was that it was a little slow in between the action. I also didn’t like how the narration skipped from character to character. It felt sporadic and all over the place. I don’t mind the POV from 2 or 3 characters, but this was too much with views from lots of side characters and villains. I don’t like villain view points because that normally gives away part of the mystery surrounding the plot. I know these dislikes are my own opinion, and other people enjoy that in a book. I might have missed it, but I never knew how old the main character Ben was. That was just a small annoyance. I pictured him around 20.

With that said, there were some really great entertaining scenes that I enjoyed. If you like books with an overall view of all the characters then try this one out, you might like it.

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: none
Language: none
Violence: mild/moderate ( murder, blood, injuries, sword fights, fantasy creature attacks )

I received the book from Morgun Wolf. Thank you! I am not paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.

review 1
Reviewed by Kathryn Cooper
Creator of Clean Adult Fiction

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