Baby Announcement!!!

Hi everyone!! I wanted to let you know that I’m expected baby #4, due in June. The baby is another boy! That will make 4 boys 6 years old (almost 7) and under when the baby is born. Obviously I’ve had other things on my mind and felt pretty sick at the beginning of the pregnancy. That’s why you haven’t seen me around the blogging world as much. Like I said in a post a few weeks ago, I’m still going to blog, but it will mostly be reviews with a few memes and maybe a tour every now and then. Thanks for your constant support of Clean Teen Fiction and Clean Adult Fiction! I do this blog for each of you. I love helping you find your next favorite book!

Some Books My Boys Have Loved: (click the covers to view on Amazon)

What are your favorite kid books? 
Any advice for having 4 BOYS?!?


4 thoughts on “Baby Announcement!!!”

  1. Oh my goodness, Congratulations! How exciting that you already know the gender. I'm expecting my first baby this August and I want to know if it's a boy or girl so bad. And this is number 4? Wow you are awesome. Way to be super mom!


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