Growing a Baby! and lots of other reasons why I’ve been busy

Hi everyone!!! I have really missed blogging recently. At first I was too busy to think about it, but recently I just can’t stay away any longer even though things are still a little crazy. As you can see above I’ve been growing a baby which has taken a lot of energy. 😉 Plus my husband started a new job over an hour drive from where we live so we put our house up for sale, sold it in a day!!!, and are looking for a place to live. Decluttering a house takes a lot of work! We are so grateful it sold so quickly. Now in between packing boxes I’m waiting for baby boy #4 to come. I’m scheduled to be induced in a week and a half, but I’m hoping he’ll come sooner on his own. We’ll see!!!

I’ve missed all my wonderful book reading friends! I haven’t even been reading any blogs so expect comments on your blogs soon. I have been reading a lot of books so there will be reviews coming soon too. Unless baby comes today… you never know.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Growing a Baby! and lots of other reasons why I’ve been busy”

  1. Looking good Kathryn! I love that skirt and top! 🙂 Good luck with the labor and delivery, hopefully he comes on his own sometime soon. I can't imagine trying to move while nine months pregnant, you're awesome! 🙂


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