Blog Tour with Giveaways! Sugar Coated by Shannen Crane Camp

I am so happy to be a part of the Sugar Coated Blog Tour! Shannen Crane Camp is one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read one of her books you need to! 
Check out the poster with the other bloggers and authors in the tour. I love all the extra pictures we get from the cover photo shoot. The model looks just like the main character Brynn. So cool! I love the lace blindfold.

An unhealthy addiction to sugar cubes, a deep-seated fear of water, and universal luxury—these are the simple things that make up 18-year-old Brynn’s Utopian existence. Why, then, is her perfect life also plagued with unanswered questions?

Like every other resident of the planet Halcyon, Brynn’s home provides everything she needs, money is unheard of, and life is perfect. But unlike the rest of Seaside’s residents, Brynn has questions. Why can’t people leave the city? Why does the ocean fill everyone with terror? Who are the Workers? Not only is Brynn curious where others are compliant, but she suffers from chronic nightmares of an angelic woman torturing her for information she doesn’t possess. But these are more than just figments of her imagination; they’re memories of things that never happened.

When Brynn meets Jonah, a brilliant, library-dwelling boy who shares her questions and her curiosity, they formulate a plan to find answers. Somewhere, the perfect veneer of Halcyon’s instant gratification hides a city that only Brynn knows about—a city she and Jonah are determined to find. But will finding the city give them answers, or simply uncover the horrific truth behind the perfection?

Doesn’t this book sound amazing?!

Shannen Crane Camp was born and raised in Southern California, where she developed a love of reading, writing, and anything having to do with film. After high school, she moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she received a degree in Media Arts and found herself a husband in fellow California native Josh Camp. The two now live in either California or Utah… they still can’t decide. Shannen loves to hear from readers, so feel free to contact her at Shannencbooks@hotmail.com or visit her website for more information: http://shannencbooks.blogspot.com

There are some great books up for grabs on the giveaway!

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