Book Review: Almost Daybreak by Teresa McCarthy

Book 1: Almost Midnight
Book 2: Almost Sundown

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Title: Almost Daybreak
Author: Teresa McCarthy
Publisher: Teresa McCarthy
Release Date: January 2013
Pages: only ebook
Series: Colorado Clearbrook Trilogy #3
4 STARS: I Really Liked It

Rancher Max Clearbrook is the wildest Clearbrook brother. Nothing riles him, nothing except a sweet city woman named Annie Nelson. After being dumped by her fiance, Annie, an accountant, wants to stay clear of men, and Max is the last person she needs in her life. But sometimes opposites attract, or at least Max thinks so…until something goes terribly wrong…

My Thoughts:

The last of the Colorado Clearbrook trilogy was a wonderful entertaining romance like the first two books. Max was the youngest Clearbrok brother at 28 years old and a rugged cowboy. Annie was 25 and looking for a fresh start. She was a friend Hannah met in book one. Again the brothers’ dad Fritz was up to his old matchmaking tricks with some help from his grandson and daughters-in-law.

Max was ridiculously charming as a feisty cowboy. He definitely kept me laughing with his rope and how he used his roping skills. Annie’s first impression of him was pretty funny. There were some good laughs throughout with a whole bunch of romantic tension. Love it.

Take yourself on a beautifully romantic journey by reading the entire Colorado Clearbrook trilogy back to back. Enjoy!

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: mild ( kissing )
Language: very mild ( h***-8 )
Violence: very mild ( brief fist fight )

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