My Written Characters on Pinterest

‘Aspen’ played by Jennifer Lawrence


‘Nate’ played by Liam Hemsworth                    ‘Harley’ played by Theo James

I have pinned pictures of actors/actresses that would play my book characters. I’m still working on getting published Aspen Everlasting, book 1 of my Evermortals trilogy. It’s a Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy.

‘Renee’ played by Vanessa Hudgens                 ‘Hunter’ played by Dylan O’Brien

These pictures are for the book I’m currently writing called Find the Way. It’s Young Adult Contemporary Fiction.

Visit https://www.pinterest.com/kathryncooper4 to see all the pictures of my book characters and other fun stuff.


Pictures found on google.com and other sites

Jennifer Lawrence – Liam Hemsworth – Theo James

Vanessa Hudgens – Dylan O’Brien


3 thoughts on “My Written Characters on Pinterest”

    1. The top three on this post are from Aspen Everlasting. 🙂 To see the rest of the cast go to the pinterest I just made public. I’m finally willing to share my character thoughts. That used to intimidate me too much to share. Not any more though. Have fun.


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