Rose Tinted by Shannen Crane Camp: 5 of 5 STARS NA Review

Rose Tinted (The Sugar Coated Trilogy #2) by Shannen Crane Camp. May 2014. Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Goodreads. Book 1: Sugar Coated

The façade is fading, questions are growing, and time is running out.

Brynn wanted to find answers about her world’s carefree existence and her own insatiable curiosity, and upon learning the truth about her planet Halcyon, Brynn’s task became simple: stop what she knew was coming. Behind the veneer of simplicity, though, nothing but complexity awaited. How could three people who were just learning to throw off the shackles of their unconscious limitations challenge an entire social order? More importantly, how could they survive the wrath of the deadly Angels who invaded Brynn’s dreams and loomed over her every waking moment?

An unexpected alliance with a small group of rebels from a place Brynn had never heard of only days before offered some hope—technology she hadn’t known existed, a hard-working person’s ability to endure, and a recklessness fueled by an icy determination she didn’t fully understand. But secrets lurked among them too, and when a betrayal from someone close to Brynn puts everyone in danger, bonds are shaken and lines are drawn.

In the battle against the Angels, the only victory is survival.

This book was read before my Brain Tumor surgery in August 2014. I should have posted a review before surgery, but life was hectic.

I love Shannen Crane Camp’s books! They are always so much fun to read. See a list of some of her other books at the bottom of this review post. Check them ALL out! Rose Tinted is book two in the series so be sure to read Sugar Coated first.

From the very beginning Brynn is going crazy with terrible dreams full of the evil woman. Brynn tries to find a way to take down the bad guys with her friends, but things don’t go as planned. The two main guy characters are so different and make things very entertaining. I’m really looking forward to reading book 3!

Sugar Coated was fun and exciting! Have fun reading this series.

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) for details
Sexual: mild ( kiss )
Language: none
Violence: mild ( action )

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