Texas Book Fun!

I live in the middle of Texas. So yesterday I went north to a Dallas book signing and today I went south to Austin for an all day for some book fun!

I’m too tired to talk much about all the amazing fun I’ve had this weekend so here are some pictures!

Up at Lindsay Cumming’s signing I was able to meet Lizzie! She is an amazing youtube and instagram book girl! instagram- lizzielovesbooks youtube- LizzieLovesBooks
It was wonderful as always to see Lindsay Cummings up at the Irving, TX Barnes&Noble. She is an amazing writer. She’s so fun and a kind person. I chatted with her husband, bro-in-law, and mom too! That was great!
Here’s my new book friend Brandy! We both were volunteers at the Texas Teen Book Festival that we helped at almost all day from 9:30-3:30. Brandy stayed to keep working even after I left to drive home. We had so much fun meeting and talking with other volunteers and authors!
Gareth Hinds is an author I met that does graphic novels and middle grade books. I’m going to look into those because they sound like fun books for my boys.
I was able to talk with Carrie Ryan!! For me that’s like talking to a movie star! She has written an amazing and terrifying book trilogy. Seriously, I can’t handle scary books but was sucked into hers. I think there’s a possibility her books will be movies! The movies would be too scary for me. Hahaha!
Left pic- a row of authors signing (more authors signed throughout the day) Right Top pic- Stephen Emond, Me, Chandler Baker, Jenn Marie Thorne. Right Bottom pic- Me, Jesse Andrews I had a blast meeting and talking with authors!
Warm Texas weather with authors and long lines of fans! At least there were 2 big fans to help.
Authors Aaron Hartzler, Kim Savage, and Virginia Boecker took a great picture with me! All the authors were so friendly.

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