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Montana Match 4 out of 5 STARS Review

Montana Match by Carol Ross. 2020.

Thanksgiving in Montana
Is about family—and love!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for Fiona Harrison to turn her life around. And she is sure finding a suitable husband will please her newfound family in Montana. When a dating app sends her every dud in town, handsome bartender Simon Clarke offers to be her matchmaker. If only Simon fit her criteria… Learning the truth about the twinkle-eyed charmer could change everything—but for better or worse?

Kathryn Cooper Writes’ Review

4 out of 5 STARS

I love Thanksgiving. I get to relax with family and eat delicious food. Win win! Montana Match is a Thanksgiving book! So fun. I enjoyed this read, but I think I would have liked it more if I had already read the series books before this one.

Fiona and Simon are the main characters with problems in life. Fiona is trying to get to know a large family that is new to her. She has made a high standard of what she should be doing in her life. She thinks she needs to have a job that pays better and just different from the one she has enjoyed for so long. Because of some family advice she feels like she must find the perfect guy. Her definition for perfect doesn’t turn out to be right for her.

Simon has gone through hard times with his family. He has to look back on his life and figure out if he is moving forward. He has to decide if he needs to change his relationship with his little brother. Simon is really fun and makes me laugh. Fiona and Simon have some really sweet moments as they try to keep from feeling serious about each other and fail big time .

Overall Montana Match by Carol Ross is a sweet adult romance that brings you through real life scenarios. If you enjoy Harlequin’s Heartwarming reads then go find this Thanksgiving romance story which will bring a smile to your face.

Content Ratings
Sexual: mild (kissing)
Language: none
Violence: none

I received this book from Prism Book Tours. I am not paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.


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