Book Review, chimera

Book Review: Chimera

Title: Chimera
Author: B.D. Swan
Publisher: B.D. Swan
Release Date: November 2011
Pages: 498
Series: none
3 STARS: I Liked It

Like most girls in high school, Kyanna Kash is caught between two guys. Unlike most girls in high school, only one of them is real. Or so she thinks.
The mysterious fainting spells bring on the recurring dreams. And it’s in those dreams where she meets the gorgeous soldier. yet, when her dreamed-up Adonis disappears in battle, Ky can never know his fate–her new medication stops the faintings.
But when she discovers shocking evidence that her soldier might be real, Ky is faced with a pulse-pounding decision: should she stop the meds to bring back the faintings? Time is of the essence, but returning to her dreams might carry grave consequences.

My Thoughts:
When I heard about this book the first thing I thought was I love the cover. Then I read the premise and loved the idea of the book. Interesting concept of living in a different world during dreams.

Ky seems like a normal teenage girl getting ready for senior prom with her boyfriend Lincon. This book felt like two separate books. When she’s awake she goes through fun high school stuff, hangs out with friends, dates her boyfriend. Then she has fainting spells where she dreams she’s in a completely different world. I love her dream world. I kind of wish the book was only in that world. It’s unique and the guy in that world is dreamy obviously . . . since she’s dreaming. I love all the scenes with Ky and her warrior man. Her dream world is a world in turmoil and war. The exploration of her dream world and the battles are exciting. I was frustrated with the fainting concept because it felt so unpredictable which made me anxious.

What I didn’t like was to me it felt slow. I’ve decided the reason for that was because the premise and prologue talk about Ky having dreams when fainting, and she doesn’t faint for the first 60 pages and doesn’t meet the 2nd guy mentioned until almost 150 pages into the book. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but that really is just my personal preference. Some people might really like the way it all ended. Obviously I can’t talk about it in detail. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: mild/moderate dialog ( a girl showed a guy her abs to get information, talk of girls planning to have sex on prom night, kissing, dialog used: cleavage, sexy, turned on, desire, lust, slutty )
Language: very mild ( a**-1 )
Violence: mild/moderate ( battle, injuries, death, ferocious animals )

*I received a review copy from B.D. Swan. Thank you! I do not get paid for any of my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.*


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