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You may have noticed that I don’t have star ratings for my book reviews. Well that’s going to change. I realized that when I don’t have time to read every book review on my blog following list I’ll skip to the star rating. Did that reviewer give it 3 stars or 5? I really like the way Mundie Moms does it at the top with the book info. So look for my star rating there from now on.

What I consider 3 stars is a book I like but might not recommend to everyone. A 4 star book I recommend to most everyone. A 5 star book I recommend to everyone, want to buy for my collection, and will enjoy re-reading it.

1 Star (I’ll never read a book I consider 1 star because I can’t waste my time with something I don’t enjoy.)
2 Stars: It Wasn’t For Me (Again, I probably won’t finish reading a book I don’t like.)
3 Stars: I Liked It
4 Stars: I Really Liked It
5 Stars: I Loved It!

What are your thoughts on star ratings? Do you find it hard to assign a star? Do you pick books due to other reviewer’s star rating?


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