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Book Review: Falling by L.C. Smith

Title: Falling
Author: L.C. Smith
Publisher: L.C. Smith
Release Date: January 2012
Pages: eBook only
Series: none
Source: author
3 Stars: I liked it

Love is a funny thing; there’s the kind that’s like you’re five and you’re looking up at your Mum’s face as she reads you a bedtime story.
Then there’s the kind that makes you nervous and twists in your stomach.
Then there’s the kind that makes you feel like you’re holding everything of worth in your hands.
After the death of her parents in a car accident when Reid was eleven years old she gained the ability to jump into peoples bodies. Not a single person knows her secret, not her only friend Sara and especially not Keller. The problem is, every time she looks into his eyes, she starts falling into him.

My Thoughts:
Falling was a good read. The whole idea of falling or jumping into someone’s body was so unique and interesting to me. I kept reading to find out how Reid would deal with this really strange ability.

Reid, an orphan from age 11, was a senior at an all girl boarding school. I didn’t know how to feel about her sometimes. I liked her, but then I couldn’t relate to some of her choices which made me frustrated and unconnected to her. Like when Reid would choose to jump into someone’s body, instead of forced by her power. I couldn’t fathom why she would choose to invade someone’s privacy like that. Sometimes it was funny or interesting, but other times it bothered me. I also felt the writing was a bit confusing at times and had to go back and re-read something to follow what was happening.

Reid’s best friend Sara was fun; I wish there was a little more of her. I really liked Keller, the boy interest. The chemistry between Reid and Keller was great. I really enjoyed their scenes together. They were super cute! The ending was great and made everything all better. I liked Reid at the end and was glad to see her develop as a character.

Content Ratings: highlight between ( ) to view details
Sexual Content: mild ( kissing, boy and girl alone in bedroom )
Language: mild ( d***-5, h***-1 )
Violence: none
Other: a few drunk people

*I received an eBook review copy of the book from the author. Thank you! I am not paid for my reviews. My reviews are solely my opinion.*

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Reviewed by Kathryn Cooper
Creator of Clean Teen Fiction

This is book #2 of my 2012 Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren.


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